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Landmannalaugar's Colors and Shades

I’m really in love with Iceland. I came back with great memories and feelings from that amazing and raw nature. I dedicated most of my time to the Landmannalaugar, because 3 years ago I crossed it to quickly while doing the Laugavegur trek.

So I really wanted to come back to explore the diversity of that region. I have not been disappointed! Colorful rocks, sky, water, sparse vegetation and the ever changing subtle light of Iceland provide breathtaking landscapes.

It is a challenge as a photographer to catch this beauty because it is so powerful and makes me experience a wide spectrum of emotions. I decided to experience color and black & white photography because, strangely, color alone was not able to convey my feelings.

So here are the first photographs of this trip presented with a double slideshow as an experiment to make you feel what I always had in mind while walking those landscapes.

You can play with each slideshow button to adjust your discovery experience ;)

Feel free also to explore each gallery : Landmannalaugar’s Color, Landmannalaugar’s Shades

Landmannlaugar's Colors - Iceland
Landmannlaugar's Shades - Iceland
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